Saturday, November 02, 2002

From now on you'll find Coolio's Babes on his new home at my account at Shrimpwars ... so update your your bookmarks. Please take look, you won't regret ;)

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Janna Svenson, posted on Luciano's Gorgeous Women galleries ...

What about her official website ? Too bad you have to pay for that beauty, isn't it ;)

Shauna Sand .. yeah, i would like to be burried under this pile of sand ... sure.

Kerri Kendall ... what should we say on this one ? Nothing, i guess ? ;)

Evi Adam.

Erica Eeleniak.

Carrie Stevens.

Angel Anderson.

Maybe, i'll end Coolio's Babes and go on with posting on my main weblog Coolio's : Your Daily Doggy Style.

If you like this site to stay ... send me some supporting mails ... otherwise it will slowly vanish. We'll see about that ... at the moment i haven' decided yet, it's up to you.

Friday, September 06, 2002

Daisy Fuentes and Susan Ward.

Martina Colombari ... an italian babe.

Alessandra Ambrosio. Also Italian (?).

Dalene Kurtis ... one of my favorites in some fantastic gallery.

Jennifer Walcott, she's cute.

Nikki Ziering. Never heared of her, but who cares ;)

Miss Playboy of March 2002 : Tina Jordan.

Ashley Lauren.

Lexy West in a pink body suit.

Amy Easton ... the perfect body imho.

Sun is shining ...

Aria G, Aria in white, Aria in vinyl and finally Aria in black.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Nice scenery of Virginia Collins.

Yana Cova, also with some background pictures ;)

Neriah Davis, a babe i had never heared off. More about Neriah.

Alexis Contopulos. The body = perfect except the boobs. Too much fake.

As usual : Aria Giovanni.

Julia Schulz.

Heather Spytek. Almost perfect.

Alina Rae. No comment ...

And finally Sara St James.

Found some excellent new sources for further postings, so keep coming back ;)

Saturday, August 31, 2002

Alexis Contopulos, found on a russian babesite. You can browse to the next picture by clicking on the picture itself.

Heather Spytek, also found on the same site.

Cathi O'Malley ... on the first pic of this gallery she says hello on a special way ;)

A huge list of links to other babes on the same russian babesite. Have fun.

Holly Witt ... these look like silicones to me :)

Not bad, Jami Ferrell.

Susana Spears ...

The title of this webpage : Beauty by the Water, hmm i can agree with that. BTW, the babe = Kyla Cole.

Tess Eggen.

We end with 2 huge scan sites : part 1 and part 2 ... 10 pages of fun ;)

Cya !

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Roses are red ...

Krystal Steal.

Exclusive Alley Baggett galleries.

What about Merrit Cabal ?

Neferteri Sheperd, black beauty.

Vibe Sorensen.

A blonde named Farrah.

Aria Giovanni, my favorite ;)

More of Aria at the bottom of this page (6 galleries).

Another gallery of Aria ;)

Cloe Jones.

I'll end with pics of Dayton Rains.

Cya all.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Today i included my website to the new site of
Hot or Not. Rate me, if you like ;)

Natasja Bernasek.

Amy Weber.

On the same hosting site i found these pics in a the back ;) corner.

Including this, this, this and finally something that has nothing to do with babes but which interests all of you i suppose ?

Kitana Baker as a cowgirl.

Nice jeans.

Sure we want Moore, sure we do.

Helena Hemanova.

The plant to the left looks like fake to me. BTW, the lady = Chrissy M.

This body definately don't need to workout.

Ok, enough for now. Hope you enjoyed your stay.