Saturday, June 22, 2002

Ok, second posting of today ... let it roll ! Have fun with it ;)

Short introduction of myself. Me, my nickname : Coolio, aged 34, living in Belgium, married and father of 2 daughters ...

Want to know more ? Just mail ;)

On the other hand ... what should be expected of 'Coolio's babes' ? Nothing mutch ... quality links to female beauty. No porn or vulgarity. If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know.

Eva Crawford ...

Cory Lane on a chair (alone for the difference) ;)

Japan and Korea on top of the World-Cup ... so why not.

A blonde named : Anita Kiss

Another blonde ... looking as a femme fatale to me.

Smoking (cigarette, hehe) cow girl.

Phaedra Hoste look alike ;)

And God created Pamela.

If every supermarket visitor looked like this ...

First post in Coolio's Babelog.

Have fun over here. Give me some comments, if you like this stuff, by mail ;)

Amy Easton at the farm.

2 babes having some fun ;)

Linda Schone in her kitchen.

Nikki Nova, pornstar, with a friend at the swimming pool.

Amber Michaels.

Chrissy M. in (and out) her lingerie.

Virginia Collins (also in lingerie).