Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Janna Svenson, posted on Luciano's Gorgeous Women galleries ...

What about her official website ? Too bad you have to pay for that beauty, isn't it ;)

Shauna Sand .. yeah, i would like to be burried under this pile of sand ... sure.

Kerri Kendall ... what should we say on this one ? Nothing, i guess ? ;)

Evi Adam.

Erica Eeleniak.

Carrie Stevens.

Angel Anderson.

Maybe, i'll end Coolio's Babes and go on with posting on my main weblog Coolio's : Your Daily Doggy Style.

If you like this site to stay ... send me some supporting mails ... otherwise it will slowly vanish. We'll see about that ... at the moment i haven' decided yet, it's up to you.